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Tips for a Successful Exhibition

Usingexhibition stands to promote your business at an industry event is a great way to meet potential new customers. The most important thing to remember is that effective are needed to grab their attention and encourage them to come and enquire. Good exhibition displays should have less, rather than more, text so that potential customers are clear as to what you are offering. It can be helpful to keep exhibition stands as open plan as possible and not have too many barriers around that may make access problematic. Try and keep discussion areas towards the rear of the stand, so that any business dialogue can be done with a degree of privacy. This will also enable colleagues to continue to attract new people at the front of the display stand.

The aim of any exhibition is to increase your customer base by having interested parties contact you after the exhibition. A good way to do this is by displaying and handing out leaflets with a special voucher exhibition code, which customers can use when they purchase your service or product. This will have potential customers falling over themselves to do business with you, as everyone loves a bargain.

Remember, you have all day, so don't blow it all by being too aggressive and trying to go for the hard sell. Being relaxed and approachable will help people to relax, and make them more likely to listen to what you have to say.

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