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Three Good Reasons to use Banner Stands

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When you run an exhibition display, do you find that more time is spent setting up the display rather than showing it to people? Then it might be an idea for you to consider the different types of banner stands. Here are three reasons why.

1. Quick to put up and down

For example, pop up banner stands take a couple of minutes to open out and display, unlike a large printout where you have to find a board to stick it to and a place to wheel the temporary wall to. They don't take up a lot of room either, so you'll be saving costs on both the size of vehicle your rep or staff have, and the amount of the time they have to lug things out of it.

2. They are cheaper to replace than most permanent stands

Money is always a consideration in exhibition displays, and if you're putting on quite a few of them per year, then you want a format that can easily be reproduced and updated with your latest products. Banners are still the most cost-effective way of doing this.

3. They are eye catching and clear

Let's not forget the ultimate aim of all banners to catch the audience's attention. Banners stands tower above people yet they are thin and portable, so can be placed at the entrance to a building as people walk past where they won't obstruct walkways or cause a problem with fire regulations. What's more, you can move them later in the day to where the most foot traffic is.


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