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There’s still time to invest in outdoor event branding for 2021

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Outdoor event branding could be a wise investment for your brand if you’re looking to advertise in open spaces this year.

With everything that’s happened this year though with extended lockdowns, you may be wondering, why?

Recently, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has publicly stated that he hoped that Britons would be enjoying ‘a happy and free Great British summer’ this year.

At the same time, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary also said he’d like to see “travel restrictions removed” and that he will “expect to see a very strong return of British families travelling … in relative safety this summer.”

Now, stop us if you think you’ve heard this one before. A lot of politicians and people in senior positions across the UK said similar over the course of 2020, with the end results more delay, lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Hancock’s optimism, though, revolves around the country’s Coronavirus vaccination programme, which is on course to have reached out to the most vulnerable people in the population by mid-February.

That vaccination programme is what politicians were hedging their bets on throughout 2020.

And, while it’s essential to point out that the vaccines won’t cure the virus and it will still be with us in 2021 and beyond, there’s rising hope that the vaccination programme will, at the very least, allow restrictions to be lifted and the economy to open up again.

Which brings us full circle to outdoor event branding.

We’re very cautious – as we say, 2020 was full of promises of life getting back to normal which didn’t come to fruition.

The vaccination programme does look promising though, and if results are in line with the Health Secretary’s optimism, then hopefully people will be back in public spaces sooner rather than later. That raises the possibility of outdoor events starting again.

We know how frustrating this lockdown in particular has been to business owners across the spectrum. Their business is their livelihood, and the sooner they can get back to business in a safe, effective way, the better.

Planning outdoor event branding now that isn’t time or season-sensitive, and that promotes safe socialising in the event of restrictions being lifted, could help them get back in the groove and on their feet sooner rather than later.

Outdoor event branding, properly planned and with personable messages such as ‘Welcome back!’ and ‘We missed you!’ could not only go a long way to helping promote your business, but in putting smiles back on people’s faces this summer

Need help planning your outdoor event branding for 2021? Contact the Image Group today to find out more!


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