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The Cobbler's Kids

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How often have you heard someone complain about "Cobbler's Kids Syndrome”?

Like the proverbial children of the shoemaker who go without shoes, many of us are guilty of doing lots of good things for our clients and colleagues, whilst completely ignoring our own day to day needs.

Computer consultants that operate outdated computer systems, marketing firms that don't market themselves in any way, and consulting firms that fail to put into practice for themselves a single theory or model upon which they have built their businesses.

Everyone who works in these organizations is aware of the irony of these situations, and yet it's very difficult for individuals, teams, or the organization as a whole to do anything to change the dynamic.

It's seems we're too busy to install a really good quality coffee machine. No arguments, great coffee is just one of the fundamentals of a happy life. Or what about a large fridge that is regularly stocked with chilled water or not from concentrate fruit juice. After all, we all know how important rehydration is these days. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for a headache.

This same phenomenon is never more present than in the everyday working environment we call the office. And here's another irony. Most of us spend most of our time at the place where we work.

Magnolia walls. Loose telephone cables. Files stacked on top of the filing cabinet. Doors propped open with bits of cardboard. Etc etc. A familiar story to many of us I suspect.

And yet, it need not be the case. Recent patterns suggest that more and more businesses are turning their gaze onto the possibilities of improving the overall concept of improved working spaces.

Here at The Image Group, we call this new trend "Inspiring Spaces".

Happily for us, there are lots and lots and lots of spaces to go at.

Here's just a few you may recognise:

  • Reception Spaces
  • Stairway Spaces
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Office Spaces
  • Formal spaces
  • Informal Spaces
  • Small Spaces
  • Big Spaces
  • Private Spaces
  • Very Private Spaces
  • Information Spaces
  • Consultation Spaces
  • Hospitality Spaces
  • Ceiling Spaces
  • Floor Spaces
  • Wet Spaces
  • Dry Spaces
  • Cold Spaces
  • Hot Spaces
  • Window Spaces
  • Gallery Spaces
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Famous Spaces

We reckon an inspired space, whichever space that may be, helps promote a healthier, more productive, creative and innovative culture and happier occupants.

Click here for a simple download that illustrates exactly what "Inspiring Spaces" really means.

Our friendly team at Image Group offers advanced and experienced consultancy and strategies for space planning including design concepts, print and manufacture, trades, installation and maintenance.

Our list of space transformations spans the education, leisure, commercial, civic and retail sectors. The results, shown in our 'Transform' brochure speak for themselves.

If you are in need of inspiration, transformation or renovation. If you're considering a space make over, an internal or external office uplift, a brand refresher or even just making some shoes for your own children, then call our happy bunch of experts today on 0800 389 9898.

We'll be glad to help.


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