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The Clearest Promotion

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Getting your message across to people can sometimes feel like a hard task, especially for those in crowded industries who are looking for the best way to stand out in the crowd. As we all know, bigger isn't always better, but when it is done right it certainly can be.

Large Format Printing offers you a cost-effective way to advertise on a larger scale. Whatever line of work you are in, ensuring people know about you is vital and catching the eye is a hugely important part of being known. Large Format Printing effectively offers you the chance to create posters, artwork and promotional material that, so long as the design is right, will catch the eye and help embed your name and products into the minds of potential customers.

Costs can mount up when you need promotional materials, from the design to the actual printing and the materials they will be printed on to. Sourcing one company who then outsources the other aspects to outside companies could end up vastly inflating prices, whilst going to the numerous different places yourself will end up creating more hassle for you.

At The Image Group, we can do all aspects of your job in-house, saving you time and money. Buying it direct effectively means wholesale prices on every part of your order. Whether you need larger posters, banners or , we can also make sure you are using the right material for the job, as the quality of your promotion is a reflection of the quality of your work. Using clear promotion in perfect condition is the best way to get your message across and show your own great quality in the process. Many businesses have also used our to great effect, too.


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