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Telling your story in the new normal with exhibition stands

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Great exhibition stands are always there to tell the story of your brand, your aims and ambitions, and how you can help people out in good times and in bad.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been full of more bad times than good because of the global Coronavirus pandemic, especially when it comes to exhibitions and trade shows.

The need to social distance and for venues not to host large gatherings has seen the international events industry take a hit, but there are a lot of reports that 2021 will look a lot brighter for the scene – even if they have to take place virtually more often than not.

That’s why we think it’s worth investing in quality, creative exhibition stands now so your business is ready to exhibit in the new normal, if an whenever you’re ready to do so.

Well-crafted exhibition stands built with a creative partner can be deployed at any time, and will have been designed to always tell the story of your brand, ready to be activated at any and every trade show.

That goes for shows that are set to exhibit during the ‘new normal’, too. Exhibition stands that have been created now in mind for that ‘new normal’, that are hygienic, easy to wipe down and have clear instructions for visitors to follow alongside its content, could be a wise future investment.

At the same time, though stands for exhibitions can be created in a huge array of materials and specifications, it would also be wise to take virtual exhibiting into account during these uncertain times.

For example, a lot of exhibitors have, in the past, handed out numerous pieces of content such as leaflets, guides, books and more at their events to keep in the minds of potential leads.

That could be a lot trickier in the new normal; passers-by may be worried about carrying a lot of material with them at shows because of the potential for cross-contamination and other factors.

The solution can be a simple one; stands can be created that feature QR codes that, when scanned, take people to your web presence where they can view and download your content instead at their leisure.

Not only can it be more hygienic, but it also negates the need for them to carry lots of information around with them on the day.

These are just some examples of how stands can be created to help your business exhibit in the ‘new normal’ – we can help you adjust to the pandemic, whatever sector you’re in, and will be able to come up with bespoke exhibiting solutions for your needs at this difficult time.

Find out how the Image Group can help you with bespoke exhibition stands by contacting our design specialists today!


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