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Take More than Just the Basics When Exhibiting

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So you have your snazzy leaflets, you have a killer promo video, and you have even invested in some very cool banner stands. Surely, that means you are ready to exhibit. Well, not quite. There is far more to an exhibition or trade fair than simply turning up with the basics; in fact, there are many lesser known aspects such as lighting and promotional freebies that also need to be considered.


Many exhibitors these days take lighting with them to highlight their beautiful exhibition displays and graphics as the amount of ambient light available at large exhibition venues can vary greatly. Taking your own lighting is a good habit to get in to as your stand will look veritably medieval if it is flanked by competing displays that are bathed in bright light. A stylishly lit exhibition stand can be a great draw so take some time to get your lighting right.

Promotional freebies

Everyone loves (and expects) something for nothing at exhibitions. Therefore, you can be sure that displaying a banner stand with the word 'FREE' on and giving away branded items gratis will attract plenty of freeloaders/potential customers to your stand. Always make sure that you have enough free products to last though as you don't want people accusing you of lulling them in on false pretences.

View our excellent range of exhibition display products now to ensure you're completely ready for your next exhibition. Just don't forget your lighting and promotional freebies!


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