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Successful corporate branding is about much more than great design

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Probably the most important thing to any and every business out there is their corporate branding. Not just in a design sense, but to convey the wider meaning and message of your company, the value it wants to provide to customers, and why they should give you their time and money.

To get that across effectively, consistency is key across all your channels and platforms that you wish to reach out to your most valuable customers on, whether that’s online or off-.

Recent research by Studio Graphene, for instance, has discovered that businesses in the UK may be suffering and causing themselves problems through poor corporate branding. In a survey of 2,000 people, looking at 10 company names and logos, only 21 per cent were able to connect either the name or logo to the sector or the nature of the company’s business.

Crucially, 55 per cent voiced their concern that too many companies had obscure names. 62 per cent also said that they would avoid contact with companies that did not have a clear proposition.

Which is why consistency with corporate branding is so crucial, especially when you’re starting out and coming to market. The companies that were used in the experiment above had all achieved Series A funding. If there is a disconnect between audiences and your brand’s messaging, it can be confusing and put up a barrier between you and them.

Trust is incredibly important when it comes to corporate branding, and as we’ve mentioned, one of the best ways to achieve that is with clear, consistent messaging at all times across all channels. If you have one single message that’s clear and aimed at your audience so that they can instantly understand what you offer in the simplest ways, they more likely it is that they’ll give you a chance.

And that message can’t simply be an outward projection. It must also be a succinct internal philosophy that runs through the entire company, from top to bottom.

You have a much better chance of achieving that aim with consistent messaging and materials that can be found in-house to complement your external marketing materials, to make sure that everybody in your company’s on the same page.

Get your messaging, design and wider corporate branding as perfect as it can be early on, though, and you could stand a greater chance of success against your competitors and attract new customers in crowded marketplaces.

Find out more about corporate branding with the Image Group, and create a winning strategy with our brand specialists today.


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