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Stand out to the people who matter to you most with built up signs

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Built up signs are almost impossible to ignore. Even if people only glance at them, they get noticed and can leave an impression.

Why? Because built up signs offer much greater brand visibility than a standard, flat shop sign. Their 3D design is naturally eye-catching, especially when it’s properly designed and the elements all work together, no matter where they’re viewed from.

That’s one of the key questions that needs to be asked when investing in built up signs. Does it look as good from a distance as it does up close?

Consider the angles, too. Can your built up signs still get the brand’s full message across to people looking at it from the side as much as it does when people are fully facing it?

That’s why it pays to work with an experienced design team that has spent years creating and delivering exceptional built-up signage to clients large and small.

These are the kinds of design choices that need to be considered at the earliest stage possible. That means going beyond the sign, and considering the layout of the local area to make sure the sign’s impact can be delivered as much as possible and is visible to the public.

Rough designs will be made and fully fleshed out digitally, with the client kept in the loop at all times to make sure they’re happy with how their new sign looks.

Other considerations that need to be made during the design phase include materials. Which materials will best suit the sign, the shop, and provide maximum visual impact to passers-by?

Is it worth using a mixture of different materials to create maximum impact? What about lighting – is it worth integrating lighting to help the sign stand out in the evenings? What materials will look best when the sign is lit up?

Other things that need to be considered are the strength of the frame when it comes to mounting the sign and whether the client would like to include weatherproofing to help the sign stay looking its best against the elements.

There are an awful lot of questions to consider when creating each and every built up sign. The end result is always worth it though – a built up sign never fails to get noticed by locals and is always a talking point.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of built up signs for a business by contacting the Image Group’s design experts today!


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