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Stand out against the competition with built up signs

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You can’t fail to notice built up signs.

That’s part of their beauty – built up signs are specifically designed to reach out to passers-by; to grab people’s interest; to get the brand more visible; to convince a shopper to come in-store…

Many brands have invested in built up signs to make more of an impact in their local community. You want your business to serve people within your community, after all – why not go that little bit further to help them find you and let them know you exist?

Built up signs also enhance a traditional logo and give it a bit more flair; especially if it’s lit-up and stands out during the evening.

Built up signage doesn’t just have to be limited to logos, either. With the right creative agency by your side, you can produce built up signage for any number of reasons, such as advertising an event or directing people to other parts of the building.

For instance, football stadiums use built up signage well to advertise other parts of the building and encourage fans to try new things.

Built up signage can be seen around leading stadiums’ club shops, for instance, to drive footfall. Signage can also be spotted around areas such as club museums, restaurants, bars and more.

Some modern stadiums have even gone as far as having malls within them – well advertised with built up signage.

Built up signage is also common around large retail parks and places where lots of brands fit under one roof, more as a directional tool. Looking for parking or the nearest drive-thru? Expect to see it pointed out to you through built up signage.

Brands are only limited by their imagination when it comes to what they can do to attract shoppers and the local community with built up signage to advertise their brand.

With Christmas 2021 on the horizon, too, now may be the time for brands to consider investing in built up lettering to help advertise their seasonal offers and events.

Have a Santa’s grotto in-store, for instance? Built up lettering can help to advertise it so it catches the eyes of parents when they take their kids out for the day.

Are you a council or licensed premises that is offering festive food and drink? Built up lettering can help draw attention to you, and any other seasonal shows you may have on this year.

Find out more about the benefits of investing in built up signs by speaking to the Image Group today!


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