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Spread your message clearly in 2022 with built up signs

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Built up signs and lettering are a great way to get your business, its products and services noticed by target customers in your area.

Built up signs are available in a wide range of materials, from acrylic, stainless steel, timber, and many other options besides.

Built up signs are also available in a huge variety of sizes and typefaces, and can be illuminated so they can stand out and be seen during the evening, too.

So why do we believe that built up signs are going to be such a winner for brands and businesses for the year ahead?

Signs and built up lettering are one of the best ways for local businesses and services to be clearer in their communications.

They are so much more noticeable than a standard flat sign or traditional boards with messaging on them – they’re much harder for a passer-by to ignore.

And building strong relationships with local shoppers is going to be crucial for so many businesses and brands this year, as the country tries to rebuild from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many shops haven’t had the best Christmas or New Year period because of the threat of the Omicron variant, with shoppers choosing to act with caution and stay inside during this time.

News from the Government though that Omicron – while still something you wouldn’t wish to have – is milder than other forms of the disease suggests that this year could be a lot more open from January onwards.

Now, therefore, could be the perfect time for businesses to consider a brand refresh and consider new ways to attract footfall in fresh, exciting ways to their premises.

Built up lettering and illuminated signage is one of the best ways to do that, with your brand name and services standing out against other local amenities and naturally drawing eyeballs to you.

Built up lettering and signage can be designed from scratch and installed with the minimum of disruption when partnering with an experienced provider. That rebrand can also reflect across other channels, too.

Why not complement your new built up signage and logo with a fresh online presence and include your new look on print materials such as brochures and other displays?

A new year, a new look. Not only will your brand look and feel better for it, but it’ll also be a great way to clearly communicate to shoppers that you’re there for them this year and beyond.

Find out more about built up signs, how they’re produced, installed and the wider benefits of them by speaking to the Image Group today!


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