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Spread your brand far and wide with creative pop-up displays that capture attention

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The Foo Fighters are opening a pub in Bethnal Green during the middle of September as part of an advertising campaign to promote the release of their Concrete and Gold LP.

The Foo Fighters Arms is around for one week only according to frontman Dave Grohl, and will feature exclusive merchandise as well as limited edition items for people to purchase. That’s not all; the Foos will also be selling their very own beer and to complement events at the venue which can be found at Cambridge Heath Road.

The Foo Fighters obviously know how to create a buzz, but it’s still interesting to see them using pop-up displays and shops in incredibly unique ways. Using pop-ups in these ways aren’t just about selling new albums; the way their team is using pop-up displays and shops is the ultimate kind of fan service, and a great way to build stronger relationships on the ground with fans old and new to promote unique, individual experiences.

Which is the real selling point of custom, creative pop-up displays. They allow brands to not only further their message by allowing greater external movement for a company, but with the right strategy, they can also go a long way to providing marketing experiences that live long in the memory and boost the greatest form of advertising there is: word of mouth.

Not just in a marketing sense either; pop-up displays and other materials can be used to help others and create a stronger community bond as the Exmouth-based charity Pete’s Dragons has recently discovered.

Again, they’ve set up shop in the area for a week and are using creative pop-up advertising to spread word of the charity and help those in the region that may have been affected by suicide. Their campaign is helping to attract attention to the unit during their week-long stay, encouraging people to provide donations and spread awareness of the charity’s goals around Exeter.

Back to retail, and using pop-up displays and other materials in the right ways can help a brand broaden its market and reach out to new customers further afield. Over in Princes Quay and a Jack Wills pop-up has admitted to being so surprised at its success that it’s announced that it’s set to stay open for a further two weeks.

With the right pop-up strategy, Jack Wills in Princes Quay was able to collect £15,000 on its first day. So impressed were both the store owners and the locals of what was on offer that Jack Wills is making plans to open a more permanent store in the region to build stronger long-term relationships with locals and thrive.

Pop-up displays aren’t just a great retail solution. Again, with the right strategy and design to complement them, they can work as a hugely effective solution at driving B2B trade at exhibitions and other events depending on the stands you choose, the graphics used and the message you want to promote.

Find out more about the benefits of bespoke pop-up displays by contacting Image Group today.


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