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Spread messages of joy with creative picture blinds

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Picture blinds can be a great lead generation tool for local businesses, especially if you work with a design team experienced in creating beautiful custom blinds.

We’ve written before about the amazing lead generation potential of picture blinds, and how they can help promote a business and its services after hours.

Imagine a restaurant that mostly opens in the evenings. With the right design strategy, picture blinds can be created that, when pulled down, feature stunning images of the restaurant’s most mouth-watering dishes.

Those images could be complemented by a menu with prices, and also carry contact images and calls to action for people to book online, such as web addresses or QR codes.

They could be pulled down to fill the windows during the daytime when the restaurant is closed, catching the eyes of passers-by and tempting them to make a booking for that evening’s service.

There is so much more that can be done with custom blinds in a lead generation sense. What if you’re not really interested in lead generation, though?

A lot of smaller brands, for instance, would like to promote a company culture more as part of their marketing strategy, feeling that advertising the way they work is more effective at generating interest than showing products or services.

If you’re in that camp, then don’t worry – custom picture blinds can be created that show your brand’s culture and help your business stand out from others in the area.

Maybe your business is a creative venture, like an art gallery. If you sell prints, then why not feature your most popular ones on custom blinds to draw people in? If you work with local artists in the area and have their permission, why not create blinds that feature their beautiful local landscapes?

You may not even have nailed down your brand messaging yet, but know that you want to spread some creativity and joy across the local community. That’s great – custom blinds can be created that feature beautifully-designed text with positive messages to lift someone’s day.

Do you have photos of your team assisting the community in some way? How about just photos of your team happily meeting and greeting locals and other customers to your business?

They can be made into custom blinds, too, to help draw people into your shop and show what your brand is all about.

Find out more about the amazing, creative business benefits of custom picture blinds by contacting the Image Group today!


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