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Simple shop signage can say so much about your brand

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Shop signage, when done well, can say a plethora of things about your brand if it’s implemented in creative, imaginative ways.

Take new budget chain Jack’s, for example. Created by Tesco, Jack’s is positioned on ‘Britishness’ and prides itself on “being the cheapest in town” to rival discount brands that have appeared on these shores from overseas such as Aldi and Lidl.

That market is particularly crowded, so Jack’s needs to make a highly-visual and instant impression on shoppers who may be tempted to make the switch.

To achieve that, Tesco has gone down the direct route, with shop signage that plays on effective and powerful simplicity. Jack’s’ shop signage is virtually impossible to ignore thanks to its deep red background and stencil-like white lettering on the front.

Association has been key to developing Jack’s too, with signage also key to showing the new venture’s relationship with its parent chain – some are even mooted to be appear next to existing Tesco shops in future to help people associate the Jack’s brand with Tesco.

To complement the bold, powerful logo that Tesco has created for Jack’s is shop signage within the interior of its stores to thoroughly underline its British stance and support for local produce.

Something that isn’t exclusive to Tesco and Jack’s though; it’s something that the likes of Aldi and Lidl also do particularly well.

That isn’t lost on Bryan Roberts, global insights director at TCC global, who says: “ is by no means a unique selling proposition (USP) to Jack’s, but its ability to lean on Tesco’s status as a British institution might resonate more in shoppers’ minds.”

To do that and press the point home, Jack’s has signage throughout its flagship stores highlighting that eight out of 10 of its products are locally sourced. Having that message everywhere in-store (to reason) is so important to associate the sentiment with the wider brand whenever somebody sees a Jack’s logo.

Jack’s may be in its infancy, but it goes to show just well simple signage and graphics can be when promoting a message and advertising a brand. Tesco have so much in the way of resources at their disposal; that their signage is so simple for Jack’s shows how much confidence they have in the brand and wider message they wish to share.

You can do that too with creative shop signage, customised for your brand so it says everything you want it to. Contact the Image Group today to find out more.


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