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Simple Advertising for any Event

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All companies know the huge benefits of advertising with it generating mass interest and awareness. With advances in technology advertising has boomed and cannot be escaped, it is part of our day to day lives. However, one of the simplest methods of advertising is still one of the most effective in drumming up intrigue and projecting an image or message. Pop-up display stands are one of the easiest ways to make an impact.

A banner has many different applications and can be used almost anywhere. In exhibitions they can be made into banner stands and are ideal for drawing attention when so many stands are competing for interest. Additionally, for display purposes in businesses or campaigns for products they are an invaluable tool. We at the image group are determined to provide the best quality service in the designing, manufacturing and delivery of all types of banner.

One of the most popular choices of banner are pop up banners, sometimes also known as roller banners. With many people requiring advertising and promotional solutions for various locations across the country portability is often an important requirement. This is why the features of the pop up banner are unrivalled. Lightweight, each banner only weighs around 4kg making portability far easier. The banner also retracts when not in use due to the flexible graphic panel. This allows it to be contracted into a manageable size in order for hassle free transportation. For more information on our range of advertising tool and an estimate of prices take a look at our website.


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