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Show the changing face of your business with new shop signage

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Brands across the UK are working hard to update their shop signage as high streets reopen and the country learns to live with Coronavirus.

Although the threat from the virus is still present and very real, and vaccination efforts are still ongoing as the UK heads into winter, there is no sign as of yet from the powers that be that lockdown will be reintroduced – especially as harshly as it may have been at the start of 2021.

And that has given businesses both large and small the opportunities to plan ahead with confidence, and invest in their shop signage to let shoppers know they’re back.

Only, there’s no question that the high street has transformed over the course of the last 18 months – almost irreversibly, some argue.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Many have predicted that the high street was due to change sooner or later thanks to the growth in online shopping. Now that that change has essentially been condensed into a year and a half time period, thanks to Covid, brands are changing the way they do business for the better.

And that’s reflected in their shop signage. A lot of brands and businesses in the travel and luxury goods sector, for instance, are promoting a more social experience in the way they do business on the high street.

It’s not unusual to see these brands have shop signage, therefore, that looks more like an invitation than just a traditional logo.

Brands such as these have something in common – they provide high-value services and products, and it usually takes a while before a purchase is agreed with the customer.

There’s typically a lot of sitting around, then. Why not just do it on the internet? These new signs, though, offer an experience as well as a service – ‘Come in and have a drink at our licensed bar while we search for your holiday!’, for instance, or ‘Put your feet up and enjoy a coffee while we size your new engagement ring’.

Beyond that, brands are also using their new shop signs to direct people to their services online through web links, QR codes and other methods to let passers-by know that the business is always there for them, wherever they are.

The high street is changing rapidly, but it was always going to change. Updating your shop signs and facias is the best way to show people you’re changing with it, and are always open for business.

Find out more about the amazing lead generation effects new shop signage can provide by speaking to the Image Group today!


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