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Show off your goals and ambitions for 2019 with printed acrylic

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Printed acrylic is one of our absolute favourite materials to work with. We’ve been working with it for years and years to produce some stunning artworks and commercial messages for our partners on a material that not only looks phenomenal, but is also easy to work with.

Did you know, for instance, that your printed acrylic masterpiece can be available in as little as 48 hours? That can be especially useful for brands who get a creative idea and want to action it as quickly as possible to get a jump on the competition.

That speed doesn’t compromise on quality in any way, though. On the contrary; printed acrylic artworks offer an incredibly high-quality finish thanks to the sub-surface printing process, meaning you’re only limited by your imagination when you want to create something amazing to better define your office or better present yourself at exhibitions.

You can use printed acrylic in any way you see fit, of course; the speed it takes to create a piece, though, complemented by its exceptional quality means that you can really use the medium to your advantage in 2019 to impress potential and existing customers alike.

For instance, you can use this flexibility to stand head and shoulders above the competition at exhibitions and events, using printed acrylic pieces to advertise stunning new messages and products to set yourself apart from brands who always use the same old advertising assets to draw a crowd.

Within the office, too, you could use the fast nature of the acrylic process to add new testimonials from satisfied clients to your reception or within the office, as well as awards, positive quotes and much more besides. If you’re within a creative industry, too, why not accept submissions from some of your team to print and put on the wall to show how much they’re valued.

Not everything has to be digital, after all. There is still a hunger out there from people to see something beautiful and very real with their own eyes. Creative acrylic pieces can show how in tune you are with that philosophy, and offer new and existing customers something unique and different for the year ahead.

Want to know more about how to be imaginative with acrylic and how it can help improve your wider creative business strategy? Speak to the Image Group team today to find out more!


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