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Show off your business in 2019 with commercial vehicle wraps

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Got your New Year’s resolutions written down yet? If one of your goals is to grow your business and attract more customers throughout 2019, one of the best ways you can do so – especially on a local level – is with commercial vehicle wraps.

Not just on a local level either if you’re travelling on a consistent basis and plan properly. Wrapping your company cars and vans with professional, stylish and creative vinyl coverings is a great way to catch the eyes of potential customers, advertise contact details, products, offers and simply let people know you exist.

Commercial vehicle wraps can be a fantastic way for SMEs and larger enterprises to start 2019 on the front foot. It’s an incredibly creative way to advertise your business; a lot of businesses spend so much time and effort on advertising their wares for the Christmas period that they can often run out of steam creatively the following January.

If that’s the case then it’s likely you’ll be competing against other brands by offering January sales. If so, then why not make a show of it in real-world situations? Instead of crowding people with information on typical channels such as TV, radio and the internet, you can wow people wherever they go simply by looking at your car or van.

Working with an experienced, professional creative team when it comes to commercial vehicle wraps will leave your cars and vans looking stunning each and every time without doing any external damage to your vehicle.

A great creative team will work alongside you to create commercial vehicle wraps as part of your wider marketing strategy, making sure that your message can be seen and sticks in people’s mind when they see your cars and vans passing on the streets.

You could, as we’ve mentioned, raise awareness about your business and any January offers you may have on sale in 2019 to local communities. It’s a tactic that you can use year-round too, for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer offers and any other marketing offers you may have on.

When wrapping a car professionally, creative graphics are printed on vinyl which is attached to the car or van in safe, secure and pristine ways. It can simply be peeled off and replaced without damaging the car at all – much more affordable and practical than an expensive and time-consuming spray job!

If vehicle wrapping sounds like something you’d like to do in 2019 o promote your business, contact the Image Group’s creative team today.


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