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Show off the best of your brand with immaculate display printing

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Display printing is one of the best ways to advertise there is. With the right creative approach, brands can get their message out to the people who matter to them most with crisp, clear eye-catching graphics that shows who you are and what you can do better than anybody else.

The revenues Nike generate gives them incredible room to manoeuvre whenever they wish to launch a creative campaign, for instance. Their latest campaign – called controversial by many – features American football player Colin Kaepernick’s face and a message no longer than a sentence.

Though many have taken to online channels to feverishly discuss the ad, not many people have talked about the ways it has been distributed. Of course social media and others have played their part, but Nike knows how much advertising still matters to the man on the street.

Display printing has played a key role in the campaign, with Nike publishing enormous billboards of Kaepernick’s face to feature prominently across cities such as New York. Again, a simple message carefully placed and complemented by the quality found in display printing can help spread a message far and wide, and get people on the street talking.

That’s not just true for advertising products and services. Display printing can be an essential lead generation tactic at exhibitions and events.

When it comes to trade shows and other similar exhibitions where you’re trying to attract the best prospects, your brand will be competing against many others in the space, all vying to get the attention of potential new customers and prospects.

Your approach to display printing could be the key to standing out against the rest of the competition, whether your display is covering walls and windows or is larger and more open to set visitors on a journey throughout your stall.

Because the quality of the print and the message is one thing. Having the right strategy on the day of an exhibit to create a seamless flow for prospects is the real key of having an effective display on-hand.

Doing so not just creates a great, visual experience for your visitors as they learn more about you. Printing effective signposts can also direct them to the right places, which means your team can deal with the right people at the right times as part of a wider exhibition marketing strategy focused on interacting with new prospects that will help your business grow.

Find out more about the incredible benefits of printing immaculate, creative displays for exhibitions by speaking to the Image Group today!


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