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Roller banners can tell any story, anywhere

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One of our favourite things about creating roller banners for our clients is that, with the right creative approach, they can be used to tell any story, whatever it is, and be displayed in any and every setting for maximum impact.

We’ve recently come across a couple of examples in the news that helps to illustrate just how effective a creative approach to roller banners can be, and how they can help to attract, entertain and inform both local communities and the targeted leads you want to speak to most.

In 2014, for instance, Fairlie Community Association received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conduct greater research into the local men who had served in the First World War.

At the end of 2018, the research was compiled and shown in the local village hall to tell the stories of those men who had served the country.

Various different displays told the stories of Fairlie’s brave local heroes, and one of the most prominent ways their stories were told within the village hall were through well-designed roller banners that effectively conveyed the information and fascinated those that attended.

These types of banners are a great way to continually tell a story as they can be rolled up and stored in pristine condition for further future events. They’re also a fantastic way to advertise your company, whether at an exhibition or in general through a local area.

Also toward the end of 2018, Estate Agent Today posted an article highlighting how modern estate agents can use print marketing to their advantage. Included in their breakdown are roller banners, with the publication highlighting how they can help create a ‘wow’ factor in the office and beyond.

And that’s something we’d like to add our voice to, too. They can add a wow factor, but only if they’re designed in creative ways that gets across key pieces of information about your company and what you’d like to convey in an instant to the people you wish to interact with most.

As with Fairlie’s war heroes, telling a story can be a great way to attract attention and pique interest with roller banners. It’s essential though to express that creative message and story in clear ways, and you can also create different stories through numerous banners to complement your wider marketing efforts.

Find out more about how to create effective and creative stories with banners by speaking to the Image Group today!


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