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Roller banners are much more than a commercial advertising solution

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You’ll have most likely seen roller banners before in your day-to-day life. More than likely in a commercial sense; roller banners are an incredibly effective way in stores, shops and other spaces to attract the attention of shoppers and potential prospects, highlighting offers, rewards cards, deals and other POS products.

With some creative thought and vision, though, roller banners can say much, much more than you may think. Some for instance have some especially made for exhibition purposes, displaying specific calls to action and incentives so that the leads that matter to them most on the day of a trade show can learn more about the business and visit the booth.

Away from trade shows and they can work incredibly well as an advertising solution in general. Roller banners aren’t just great for commercial purposes, though, and are being used in creative ways by specific movements to promote messages of inclusivity.

Bea Wood, Miss Transgender UK winner for 2017 and 2018, is hoping to inspire and support LGBT people in Scunthorpe from where she hails. Bea is looking to set up her own support service and wants ‘LGBT people to be themselves’ according to the Scunthorpe Telegraph. Bea has ambitious plans for her future including hoping to compete in a Miss UK competition organised by Dream Street Models as well as her support plans.

Speaking of her foundation, Bea Yourself, she says: "It is in the early stages but my aim is that with the help and support of local businesses and organisations, I will be able to fundraise, gain support, create support groups and promote equality for all to ensure everyone can live a free, safe and happy life.”

Central to her advertising and support strategy, amongst other methods, is using creative roller banners to raise awareness of her plans, the support centre itself and the overall “fight for equality”, showing that as well as creative commercial messages, roller banners can be used to deliver other messages from people across varying backgrounds across different areas and communities.

The Image Group has helped brands and people from all industries and backgrounds to create and deliver stunning banners to help them get instantly noticed in the public eye. Our banners are perfect for different budgets, can be used time and again, and are available with optional extras including LED lights, magnetic link systems, hardcases, and much more besides.

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