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Roller Banners and Small Scale Marketing

Roller banners are versatile advertising tools which can be used to great effect as part of a small-scale marketing campaign. They are incredibly easy to use as it takes only a few seconds to release the rolled up banner from the base unit, extend it to its full height and secure it in place with a lightweight rod. Naturally, this ease of use makes roller banners highly portable and therefore they can be used just about anywhere.


Transporting banners like these to promotional events is an absolute breeze as there is no heavy lifting to contend with and no need to hire large vehicles. In addition, roller banners typically come complete with a handy carry bag to make transporting them from venue to venue even easier.

Visual effect

The quality of the graphics used on roller banners means that product images and business messages always look visually stunning and therefore have a strong and immediate impact. For something which is so relatively small and inexpensive, a roller banner really can garner a lot of attention, and that is why it is such an ideal promotional tool for companies that may have limited marketing budgets.

Here at The Image Group, we have a wide range of roller banner solutions available to compliment any type of small-scale marketing campaign. In addition, we can also make individual banners to suit more specific requirements. To learn more, explore our web pages further or call one of our customer advisors on our freephone number, today.

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Roller Banners


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