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Reboard is a strong alternative for brands to use compared to traditional plastics

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Reboard – we’re big fans of it here at the Image Group.

Especially for commercial purposes. Reboard is an environmentally-friendly material made from other recycled materials. It’s incredibly strong and can be fashioned into anything, such as temporary shelving, POS displays and more.

With a bit of imagination, too, reboard can also be used for larger scaled construction projects for events, such as furniture, podiums, exhibition panels, interactive displays… There is so much creative potential the material can bring to any and every brand out there.

Most importantly, switching to reboard is a brilliant way for brands to immediately reduce their carbon footprint and begin to wean themselves from environmentally harmful materials such as plastics.

The board is a material that’s going strong and has been adopted by many global brands and businesses who use it to great effect as part of their daily operations.

Some do wonder, though about the strength of the material. Not to worry – Re-board is an incredibly strong, stable and sturdy material that’s a fine alternative to traditional plastics.

If you’re unsure about the strength of the material, then consider this: there are now companies that are making cutting boards for the food and drink industry out of re-board.

From our own experience, there’s no questioning the strength of re-board as a material, especially in a retail sense.

Instead of constantly ordering and disposing of flimsy, fragile plastic shelving and POS stands to advertise your offers in-store, why not instead invest in a strong piece of re-board that’ll last longer and is better for the environment?

Re-board is a great material to create temporary shelving for seasonal offers, too. With Christmas approaching, it may be an idea to invest in re-board shelving and POS stands that can be fully recycled when the festivities draw to a close.

As we mentioned, too, re-board is a great material for creating large-scale and interactive displays. So why not, instead of dusting down some old Christmas decorations for the shop, create something truly eye-catching and beautiful from re-board to entice footfall into your store this year?

Possibly our favourite thing about re-board as a material is that a brand’s customers appreciate it. They can see those businesses investing in re-board are serious about reducing their carbon footprint, and are taking positive action to reduce their waste on the environment.

Find out more about the amazing retail benefits of reboard by speaking to the Image Group today!


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