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Reboard is a great material for advertising your brand

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Reboard is a fantastic way to advertise a brand.

Just investing in reboard is one of those ways. As a material, it’s incredibly strong and sturdy, is made from recycled materials, and can help a brand cut down on its wider carbon footprint.

Switching fragile plastic POS displays in-store for sturdier and greener reboard is a statement that your brand is taking real action in the fight against climate change, and making smarter investments for the benefit of the planet.

And it’s a positive change that people who use your brand will notice and sincerely appreciate. They’ll also spread the word, as you make serious moves to decarbonise your business model.

The board isn’t just a great material for storing stock and being a plastic POS substitute, though.

Reboard has an almost unlimited number of creative applications, and can go beyond the business to show people that you’re serious about working with greener materials for the benefit of the planet.

And, with help from a creative agency experienced with using the material, it can be used in-store and at exhibitions to show the imaginative side of your business.

In-store, for instance; the board can be used for all manner of creative applications. It can be used above aisles to direct people to products, and can be used for shelving and other physical displays – much better for the planet than plastic.

At the same time, the board can be used for all manner of creative displays, and with the right approach it can also be crafted into furniture, too.

Do you have an area of the store that’s currently empty and you’d like to spruce up? Having a creative display made from recycled board can be a great complement for the brand and a way to get your message across.

Outside of the store and the board can also be a great material for exhibiting, too. It can be used to great effect alongside exhibition panels and other stands to show the unique and green side of your brand.

If you have space, why not create an entire area from the board featuring products and places that people can rest and relax in?

At trade events the board is a brilliant conversation piece, and helps draw footfall in to find out more about it and why you’re using it, helping to set you apart from the competition on the day.

Find out more about the awesome benefits of investing in reboard for your business by speaking to the Image Group today!


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