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Reach out to new markets this Christmas with creative pop-up displays

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Whisper it, but Christmas is just around the corner. Why bring it up? Because brands both large and small are already looking to capitalise with pop-up displays designed to attract new crowds in city centres across the United Kingdom.

Miracle on Grey Street, for instance, is a new pop-up bar concept appearing this festive season in Newcastle. Created by the Malhotra Group which has other popular bars across Newcastle, the bar and pop-up displays are already generating publicity in the North East and will even feature a ‘glittering grotto’.

Away from Christmas, and the start of October saw a pop-up shop by Drunk Elephant opening in London’s Covent Garden. The US-based skincare brand had its pop-up displays open for 24 hours at the Space NK site – called the ‘House of Drunk’, it gave shoppers the opportunity to browse, test and purchase Drunk Elephant’s cosmetics before the store fully opened officially.

Interestingly, there was also a ‘virtual’ version of the pop-up available that people could access remotely, which again helped to generate a lot of press for the site as patrons took pictures and selfies at the pop-up venue for social media.

Similarly, Gwyneth Paltrow has brought her Goop brand to London to try and expand the brand through her own pop-up shop. Her pop-up displays appeared in Notting Hill and represents Goop’s first foray into the UK, with the shop situated amongst other affluent shops and high-end boutiques on Westbourne Grove.

Focusing on lifestyle and wellbeing, the Goop pop-up includes California-inspired interiors by Fran Hickman as well as clothing, homeware and much more besides. Again, the pop-up shop will be open until the end of January 2019, meaning it’s appeared just in time to capitalise on the festive season.

So, why are so many people investing in pop-up stores, spaces and displays? There are a number of reasons; one of the main ones though is that, with the high street still struggling, brands are finding it much easier to create pop-up venues and displays that act as shops without the long-term commitment that comes with purchasing a unit.

They can create their own excitement around the brand in targeted areas and be more flexible with their promotions, especially seasonally, than they would in a fixed unit. Investing in pop-up shops, displays and more can go a long way to attracting the right audience at the right time in the right place in extremely creative ways.

Want to create your own pop-up displays? Find out more by speaking to the Image Group’s design team today!


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