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Reach out to new customers with shop signage that speaks volumes

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Great shop signage is an art. Getting it done by a professional design team can also go a long way to attracting more footfall to a store within a local community and enhance its overall reputation.

The visuals aren’t the only important part of great shop signage. With enough care and attention and with the right design, a professional-looking shop sign can immediately inform passers-by of the ambitions of the store, of its heritage and what the people behind it want to offer their local community.

One of the best examples of this can be found in Newark, where the recent discovery of an old shop sign made the local press and invoked an incredible sense of community spirit. Whilst a unit was being transformed into a barber shop, workers uncovered a sign for The Marjorie, an old chocolate and cigarette shop that was the focal point of the local community in the 1930s.

It encouraged 92-year-old Dorothy Rudkin who used to work at The Marjorie to share her stories with the local community, creating something of a buzz around Newark. Who would have thought The Marjorie would live on nearly 100 years later?

From a design point of view the gorgeous hand-painted sign still holds up today; not only has a simple sign generated local interest, but has also helped the new owners promote their new barber shop.

Sticking with barber shops, also consider the example of Restoration Barber Shop located in the United States, too. Recently opening in Boston, the overall culture and aesthetics of the shop have generated a huge online following thanks to its ‘old-school chic’ and traditional mid-20th Century décor including ornate brass finishes and a fireplace.

Though many will learn about the shop online, places like the Restoration will also have to rely on passing trade to survive and grow. The Restoration instantly stands out in the local community thanks to its professionally-designed shop signage that not only conveys the shops traditional charm and style, but also sets it apart from its local competitors.

Whether you’re looking for your business to stand out yourselves or are simply looking for a refresh, the Image Group is able to provide shops with signage and shop fronts that won’t fail to get you noticed and attract passing trade.

Our designers will work with you to provide incredible designs that help you stand out from the competition, as well as providing a professional fitting service for your needs, whether you’re an independent store looking to catch people’s eyes in the local community or a chain wanting to make a real impression on potential new customers.


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