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Re-board’s getting the recognition it deserves for its eco credentials

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Re-board’s an amazing eco route for retailers to take if they’re conscious of their carbon footprint and want to take steps to reduce it.

Slowly but surely, re-board’s getting the recognition it deserves amongst retailers. And not just for its eco-friendliness; it’s a fantastic creative solution, too, especially for retailers who like to make use of point-of-sale solutions as part of their wider sales strategy.

As Forbes recently pointed out, a 2018 survey from Euclid discovered that ‘52% of millennials and 48% of Gen Xers feel it’s important that their values align with the brands they like’. Arguably, the issues that matter most to these potential customers revolve around brand sustainability and their impact on climate change.

Which is just one reason why retailers are opting for re-board as part of their wider brand strategy. Re-board is an environmentally-friendly process and material, made from 100 per cent recycled fibres that can be recycled again once their purpose has been fulfilled.

Its unique corrugated broad structure gives re-board 80 per cent of the strength of MDF and only 20 per cent of the weight. It’s an incredibly durable retail solution; what’s more, it can be used in a number of practical and creative ways without any compromises being made on quality or design.

One point to emphasise this is that a whole segment is dedicated to corrugated and other similar eco-friendly materials in the UK Packaging Awards, which celebrates some incredibly creative and fascinating point-of-sale and marketing solutions using the materials.

Touching on the marketing point, too – board of this nature isn’t just effective for sales and marketing. Its light weight and versatility make it a brilliant feature to have at trade shows, events, pop-up stands and many other applications where your brand is present.

Trade shows and events especially can feature an awful lot of plastic in the way of stands and displays.

By utilising your eco-friendly materials to their fullest, they’re a great way to immediately catch the attention of passers-by on the show floor and stand out against the competition with your climate-conscious approach.

Innovative and better for the environment than a standard plastic approach, going down the re-board route could have a serious positive impact on your brand, especially amongst a younger, more climate-conscious clientele.

Find out more about the amazing eco benefits this material can bring to your business and how you can use it in your wider sales and marketing strategy by speaking to the Image Group today


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