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Question – How do you give an ugly ten year old goat a quicker makeover?

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Answer: Easier than you might think.

We have been applying using full colour for years now using Mimaki solvent based inks on cast vinyls supplied by Mactac. We've never been able to utilise our quicker, wider Vutek machines for this application because they print using UV technology supported by ultra violet inks. The reason we can't use Ultra Violet inks is because they sit on top of the vinyl prior to curing. This is different to older solvent based inks which penetrate the vinyl prior to drying making them more flexible. Traditionally, UV inks have cracked and splintered when bent around shapes and recesses. So, no go!

However, we recently upgraded our Vutek flat bed machines to generation 2 inks. These inks promise far better adhesion qualities and no cracking / splintering on cast vinyls. This means they are now potentially suitable for vehicle wrapping. So, we decided to test them out on our own beloved local delivery van. It's a ten year old Renault Kangoo called Clicky. Clicky is a small, canary yellow specimen with scuffed wheels and in the van beauty stakes is truly ugly. The reason it's called Clicky is because it resembles a goat that used to live on our farm who was also called 'Clicky'. Big horns, yellow fur, lower buck teeth, blue eyes that point outwards… You get the idea.

We designed a smart new graphic covering using our corporate colours, logos and web address. We used to supplement the main vinyl wrap. Because we printed the vinyls on the Vutek the production time was cut by 60%. Anyway, we've just finished wrapping the Kangoo and so far so good. The inks have behaved perfectly showing no signs of cracking or splitting in some fairly demanding recesses. We're going to leave the new vinyl on over winter to complete a proper beta test, so watch this space for results. As for the Kangoo. We're trying to think of a new name for it. Any suggestions would be most welcome!


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