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Promoting your Exhibition Stand

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and signage is something that many people do not take enough time to consider when promoting their business or product at an exhibition. However, when used correctly, they can be one of the most important factors in how successful a exhibition stands. Your signage will often be the first thing that attracts potential customers to take a closer look. Typically, your main signage will be your logo or company name which should be easily identifiable and highly visible from a distance. It should grab customers' attention, reinforce your company's brand and present a professional image which potential customers will feel reassured by. Along with your company logo, it is a good idea to have a snappy, catchy slogan that is memorable and which describes your company, as customers will often retain this in the backs of their minds.

Effective signage and graphics can really help to generate interest in your display stand. The Image Group can help you make the best use of any exhibition stands and advise you of the most suitable display signage. We employ graphic designers who can ensure your message is professional and effective by helping you make the best use of images, logos and text. Remember, the key is not just getting customers to notice you, but just as importantly, to make sure that they remember you.


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