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Promote your company culture with printed acrylic graphics

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ne of our favourite jobs here at the Image Group is designing and presenting printed acrylic graphics to our clients. It’s not only a great way to advertise a business, but the right creative approach can better convey a company’s culture, ethics and overall approach both inside and outside the office space.

Printed acrylic graphics can complement any and every shop front. They can also be placed on the walls inside an office; motivational images throughout a commercial space can go a long way to boosting employee morale, while graphics promoting your brand’s core values, achievements and more can help to make an immediate impression on visitors in reception.

Those sentiments can also be conveyed further afield during exhibitions and other events. Exhibitions are the perfect time for many to extol their virtues and attract new business and clients to the brand. While many like to invest heavily in building unique, large-scale stands to attract footfall, sometimes a simpler approach can be the most effective way to attract the people who matter to you most.

People at exhibitions have to compete against a lot of other businesses. Eye-catching creative designs complemented by acrylic can be a great way to produce almost photo-realistic images that won’t fail to impress.

Printed acrylic graphics that carry your mission statements, achievements, portfolio works and more could also be a more cost-effective measure than investing in an enormous exhibition display, and can be used time and again at other events.

Acrylic graphics can be a low-cost way to have high-end visuals and creative designs inside and outside commercial spaces. The Image Group can help you to realise your creative ambitions; our team of designers will help you to build the perfect designs from scratch, or create incredible acrylic printed graphics from existing images you may already have.


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