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Promote the best of your business this summer with gazebo printing

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There’s absolutely no better time for businesses of all shapes and sizes to promote their business than the approaching summer season with gazebo printing.

Especially for smaller caterers, retailers and suppliers working in the food and drinks industry. With the temperature creeping up and the sun (finally) shining, outdoor events and festivals across the UK provide burgeoning businesses both the space and the audience not only to provide them with food and drink, but to better advertise their brand.

Working alongside an experienced gazebo printing provider can go a long way to creating an attractive, creative stand that will help your business stand out from the competition.

Gazebos can be far more imaginative than just utilising your logo; with the right creative approach you can get across the full philosophy and outlook of your brand’s vision, include testimonials, calls to action, contact information, success stories and much more besides.

That’s true for any business looking to attract more targeted footfall to their stall, whatever the occasion. Consider indoor exhibitions too; gazebos are one of the more popular and attractive ways to catch the attention of passers-by, and custom gazebo printing especially for trade shows and events can help improve footfall to your exhibit.

Many businesses that do exhibit can either choose to just utilise a gazebo or partner it with other creative attractions such as exhibition stands, pop-up displays, roller banners and much more besides. The latter can help to improve your overall use of space on the exhibition floor and work as part of a wider strategy to attract better footfall.

For instance, a gazebo can work alone as a one-stop-shop on the exhibition floor. Having a ‘main event’ with an exhibition stand, though, and having a gazebo to the side to host question and answer sessions or provide literature and paraphernalia could be far more effective, creating a more accessible journey and easing potential crowding issues.

The possibilities are endless when custom gazebo printing. It’s essential though before commissioning a print to make sure that you get the absolute best of your business across in creative ways, not just to attract people to your stand but to stay in their minds long after the exhibition, event or festival has finished.

The Image Group can help you do that with our incredible custom gazebo printing service. Contact our creative marketing team today to find out more.


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