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The foundations of our business at The Image Group are our flagship products, such as premium quality banners and banner stands, but we have also successfully diversified to other areas, one of which is business presentation. Making a presentation, no matter the scale or size of the audience, can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, but the correct equipment can enhance your presentation and take the edge off your nerves. For large scale presentations, our stylish combine your graphics and images with a clear central space, upon which you can project your promotional videos.

Thus, powerful and persuasive moving imagery is effortlessly blended with accompanying traditional two dimensional advertising. Our literature display stands allow you to stock your brochures and leaflets neatly, where they can be easily accessed by your customers and our notice boards and flip chart easels allow you to use pre-prepared presentation material as well as in improvised diagrams and notes, emphasising your flexibility and professionalism and the type of lateral thinking which impresses superiors and attracts potential business investors.

We also stock lecterns and indoor and outdoor showcases and a great range of multi-media furniture and projection screens. All of these fantastic products allow you to pull off your large or small scale professional presentations with aplomb, and will help you to ensure that you hold your audience in rapture and leave them completely convinced of your findings, aims and objectives. So, trust The Image Group for all your premium presentation performance products.

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