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Professional pan signs can help your business to stand out

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Looking to add an extra dimension to your shop front? Pan and tray signs are one of the best ways to stand out amongst your local competition and add a new design element to your brand.

Any and every business can invest in a sign to promote themselves and let people know they exist. Pan and tray signs on the other hand are incredibly creative ways to complement not just your store front, but other aspects within the business to help better direct people and identify different departments in fascinating ways.

Pan and tray signs are three-dimensional signage solutions that can be mounted onto a wall or shop front with no visible fixings. Pan and tray signs are typically manufactured from aluminium or composite aluminium, while other materials can also be introduced to improve the quality and overall aesthetic of the sign.

For instance, at the Image Group we’re able to offer full or partial vinyl wraps for the pan and tray signs we create for clients. Not only can this represent a creative design choice, it can also go a long way to weatherproofing the sign against extreme elements such as heavy rain or sleet, reducing overall wear and keeping it looking attractive to passers-by.

The benefits of pan and tray signs are that they look incredibly attractive to people walking past a shop and could encourage them to explore further. They also accentuate a brand itself, making businesses look more professional and cultured against the competition.

Not just externally but internally, too. Instead of having bland signs and designs within the office, pan and tray signs affixed to doors and walls can really enhance the natural look of any and every professional space, better contemplate the surroundings and show your creative side to customers and visitors alike.


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