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Printed hoarding boards let people know about your amazing plans

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Hoarding boards aren’t just a way to keep a construction site safe, separating the project between engineers and the public.

With the right approach and a bit of creative foresight, hoarding boards can also work as a highly-effective piece of promotional content, attracting eyeballs and attention from the people who matter to you most.

Hoarding boards are typically seen as a necessity; something to keep people away and block them off.

That makes sense though, right? The potential for accidents and harm from debris and other accidents is very high without hoarding boards.

On the other hand, as well, they’re a protective measure for employees, and go a long way to keeping sites secure and stopping tools and materials from being stolen.

But thinking beyond the functional aspects of hoarding boards can pay real dividends if construction companies think about their form and design, and work with an experienced creative agency to get the message across in powerful, image-led ways.

Think about hoarding panels, for instance. Hoarding panels should be thought of as more than a barrier between the public and the project.

Hoarding panels are space. You’re effectively creating a brand-new blank canvas with each and every hoarding panel you use, which can actually be designed to act as a mouthpiece; a way for the project and the company to communicate with the world around you.

You could use bright and bold colours on your hoarding printing to perfectly complement the look and feel of the wider brand. For those who have never used hoarding panels before, they serve as an eye-catching point-of-interest, and draw people in with their attractive design.

Hoarding printing should consistent in its messaging, telling people in a friendly way about what’s coming soon. Pairing that messaging with other critical information such as contact details, website address or even QR codes that allow passers-by to download brochures and other similar documents can generate excitement whilst also keeping people informed.

Most importantly though, hoardings need to be safe and secure with keycode access for the right people to access the site and other measures. Get that right and form and functionality should both complement each other perfectly for the project ahead.

The more thought put into hoarding printing, without keeping it as an afterthought, the more likely it is to work for your brand in a promotional and safety sense. It should serve as an extension of the brand; a way to be inclusive and invite people in, even when it’s doing its job at keeping people out.

You can approach hoarding printing the same with by working with an experienced agency that knows how to get brand messaging across in unique ways. Contact Image Group today to find out more.


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