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Printed acrylic is one of the best advertising materials around

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Whisper it, but printed acrylic is one of the absolute best materials you can use when you’re looking to create a piece of art or other creative display for the office.

Why should you be paying attention to printed acrylic, though? Whether you’re looking for signage or something creative to have on the walls around the building, the acrylic process is of exceptional quality and can produce amazing photo-realistic images.

Sub-surface acrylic prints are also incredibly durable – think of signs in outside weather conditions and similar. Scratchproof and shatterproof, printed acrylic can be a fantastic visual investment for the brand thinking long-term.

In fact, people all over the world are starting to tap into the fantastic benefits that acrylic can provide in an artistic sense. The Huffington Post has previously published a video guide detailing all the ways that people can make use of the material to enhance their visuals around the home, such as producing ‘floating picture frames’ with acrylic and much more besides.

So, how can printed acrylic be used around the office? Just some ways to make use of the materials are producing images that can fit around your professional spaces, such as branded logos, mission statements, directions to specific departments within the company and more.

Printed acrylic has been used by numerous offices in their reception areas to advertise the absolute best of themselves to visitors who call in. Publishers, for instance, make use of acrylic prints of some of their best magazine covers or features to show the quality of their content to people visiting.

Some other ways to use acrylic around the office are to create visual testimonials from some of your previous projects or examples of your best work with clients. On a more personal level, acrylic images can be produced of team members and more to help boost motivation and show the personality of your wider brand.

Acrylic prints can also be a good way for a brand to advertise itself at exhibitions and trade shows. While others are investing in standard images, you can show the true quality of your brand and stand out with an acrylic approach, highlighting the quality of your work in the sector and having a better chance of attracting the prospects who matter to you most.

To find out more about the benefits of an acrylic approach and a wider creative visual marketing strategy, contact the Image Group today to find out more.


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