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Prepare for 2021 with custom hoarding boards

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Hoarding boards are a great way to get a positive message across to people on the street.

There’s little doubt that 2020 was an incredibly difficult one for retailers across the land thanks to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Local and national lockdowns have had a serious impact on the way businesses operate and communicate with their customers.

Many are hoping, though, that 2021 will look a lot brighter. Hoarding boards are a great way for brands to both spread a message of positivity and let people know you’re still open for business – online or otherwise.

Hoarding boards have a lot of practical uses in a safety respect – Hartford College has recently erected some, for example, to encourage the public to keep away and notify them that an on-site demolition is occurring.

They can be used for so much more though, especially if you work with a creative printing services company that’s experienced in creating hoarding boards with effective advertising messages, designed to reach out to passers-by and potential customers.

Creative boards placed in highly-visible areas close to shops, outlet villages, supermarkets and more, can go a long way to encouraging people to explore your brand online and let them know you’re still open for business.

Especially with the current situation; if you have a web presence, creating boards with calls to action to visit your online store and that advertises your services during this difficult time.

The more information that can be seen in clear, creative ways, the better you can lay positive plans for 2021, when things will hopefully start to get much brighter for everyone.

For instance, why not create a board that encourages people to sign up to your email list, allowing you to keep in touch with them and build up a loyal following of local consumers?

Combined with a transparent, ethical GDPR-compliant privacy policy on your site, creative boards can help you build a mailing list of highly-engaged local shoppers, explicitly looking to keep in touch with your brand’s movements for this year and beyond.

That can include other opportunities in 2021, thanks to the visibility offered by creative boards advertising your business on the street at eye-level. The effectiveness of creative boards in your community can’t be understated when it comes to generating new leads all year round.

Find out more about the advertising benefits of creative hoarding boards by speaking to the Image Group today!


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