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Practical ways to generate leads with hoarding boards

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One of our team managed to capture hoarding boards in their natural habitat on a recent trip to Liverpool.

Next on Church Street took the decision earlier in the year to move across the street to the building vacated by Forever 21, and new tenants in the shape of European sportswear chain Decathlon are moving into Next’s old home.

Construction workers were busy gutting out the large unit to make it fit for the needs of Decathlon. As a result, hoarding boards have been erected outside the premises, to protect the public and make clear that only workers are allowed on-site.

Regular readers will know we like to place a lot of emphasis on the lead-generation potential of hoarding boards; that instead of being a barrier between the project and the public, the space can be used to build bridges, inform, and drive people to find out more about you.

And it looks like Decathlon has been taking our advice! It’s arguably a lesser-known name in sports retail in the UK behind the likes of Sports Direct, JD Sports and others, and is known more across Europe.

Decathlon was founded in France in the ‘70s, and its headquarters can be found in Lille. They’re using their hoarding boards on Church Street, though, to great effect to build bonds amongst local shoppers and excitement.

Nice, colourful hoardings featuring images of its wide range of high-quality sporting products are displayed, alongside prominent ‘DECATHLON’ logos and awareness that the store is set to welcome visitors in Spring 2022.

There are also calls to action to direct people to the chain’s website, to learn more about the brand and discover more about what they offer before they open their doors in Liverpool.

There are opportunities on the Decathlon website for people to create an account, receive email digests and more, meaning Decathlon can work to build up a local base of interested shoppers before work on their new unit is complete.

It sounds simple but it’s so incredibly effective, and you’d be surprised how many stores and construction firms will just raise wooden hoardings without considering the advertising potential behind them.

Hoardings like Decathlon’s stand out, inform, and encourage people to explore. They’re working for the shop months before construction is complete; not just to generate effective leads but to build a buzz within local communities and get people talking about the brand.

Find out more about the amazing lead generation potential of hoarding boards by speaking to the Image Group today!


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