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Practical directional signage can be used in creative ways

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We love seeing all the creative ways that directional signage can be used to brighten up an area.

Sioux City in Iowa, for instance, is experimenting with creative directional signage to help people find new developments in the area and give parts of the city a brand new look.

Traffic signal boxes have been wrapped in brightly coloured vinyl directional signage, giving the downtown area of Sioux City a fresher feel as well as helping passing vehicles and pedestrians in practical ways.

Closer to home and there has recently been a great example of creative directional signage appearing in Stroud.

The Five Valleys shopping centre commissioned local artist Mark Amis to decorate the walls of the centre with his unique designs and a technique called ‘pouncing’.

The result is incredibly impressive; highly-visual and unique designs that the locals of Stroud not only love, but find useful in finding where they need to go in the mall.

There are other examples out there, but we feel that these two examples are the best and most recent at showing how individual groups and local councils are recognising how refreshing directional signs with flair really can be.

If you’re not sure what directional signs are, they’re simply signs that you see indoors and outdoors that point you to where you want to go.

Think of signs in hospitals, for instance, that point you in the direction of specific departments. Signs can also be outdoors, like signs that direct you to points of interest around town, or signs at outlet villages that describe where each store can be found.

As per the examples above though, and with the right creative specialist, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to signage, and can express your wider brand through creative signage.

There are a huge range of materials to use, too. You may have seen some brands do it during holiday seasons like Christmas or Halloween; place seasonal directional signs in the shape of Santa’s footprints or pumpkins leading shoppers to certain sections.

As the two examples above show – especially Mark’s – signage can be something completely different, practical, fulfilling and entertaining in equal measure.

So long as you signs point people in the right direction, a sense of creative design can really make all the difference and connect you to customers on an entirely different level.

Find out more about the benefits of creative directional signage by speaking to the Image Group’s design specialists today!


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