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POS displays such as eco shelving could provide a sales boost to your brand

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POS displays are an essential part of the retail process, and could be the difference between a customer just visiting a shop to making more sales and keeping them coming back for more.

The best way you can do that is with POS displays in the form of shelving. When you’re walking around a retail space, specially-designed shelving that’s been created and built to serve a specific function is hard to miss.

Great POS displays are attractive, pique interest and encourage customers to complete a specific purpose with prominent calls-to-action. They’re much more engaging than just placing products on a shelf and hoping for the best.

Great POS displays qualify as active marketing. You may be hoping that people wander into your store and passively pick up what they need. Attractive POS shelving and other similar displays are doing so much more; it’s an investment that’s working for you at all times, and offers variety to consumers paying you a visit.

POS shelving is evolving, too. For eco-conscious brands, POS shelving can be available in materials such as re-board without compromising on their quality or the strength of the creative.

They can also be folded up and reused again – perfect if you have seasonal sales or events, or exhibit your brand beyond the shop floor at trade shows.

POS shelving can be used by any brand, in fact, in any industry. They’re becoming especially popular in entertainment spaces such as bars and cinemas, to alert people of other things that may be of interest to them and encouraging them to engage more with the brand.

Which is where their value really lies. As part of a wider active marketing strategy, your POS stands and solutions can work to encourage consumers to find out more about your brand and its wider values, whether that’s while they’re there in-store or online.

POS shelving can also be used to market your marketing. They could be used to stock in-house magazines or brochures, for instance, as well as selling products.

POS displays can, again, direct people in active ways through strong calls-to-action to sign up for loyalty or reward systems, allowing you to keep in touch with them regularly with their consent.

Find out more about how to integrate stunning POS shelving and displays into your wider sales and marketing strategy by contacting the Image Group today.


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