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POS displays can show the creative and ethical side of your brand

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A lot of retailers invest in POS displays because they think it’ll be a great way to sell more products throughout the shop, at tills, and other key points of interest.

They’re right to think like that; POS displays can indeed help to advertise certain products throughout a store and boost sales if used correctly.

They can be so much more than an extra pair of shelves, though; displays with a creative angle to them can not only be used to attract shoppers, but to get across brand messages and your company’s green credentials, too.

Take entertainment products, for instance. You may have seen them yourself; when a blockbuster movie is released onto DVD, it’s not uncommon to see dynamic POS displays with cut outs of the heroes or villains supporting it, as well as scenery from the film.

It’s not just to look flashy. These types of displays can be very effective not just in showcasing products, but in keeping the conversation going amongst shoppers and keeping the product at the forefront of their minds.

As well as strong visuals, they can also include key calls-to-action, such as reward points that can be collected on a purchase, offers if the product is bought alongside something else, directions to accompanying products that can be purchased, and much more besides.

Creative point of sale displays can be so effective at carrying a message. By working with design specialists highly experienced in the retail space, you can create imaginative displays that include directions to shoppers to join reward schemes, find vouchers on your website as well as new deals, and more.

POS displays can also go a long way to showcasing your brand’s green credentials, too. Traditionally, a lot of displays have usually been made from plastic and similar environmentally-unfriendly materials.

Times have changed, though. Now, retailers can invest in displays constructed from re-board and other similar materials without compromising on design or quality. Easy to assemble, these types of displays are much, much kinder on the environment and just as strong as their plastic counterparts.

With so many shoppers concerned about climate change and the effects brands’ carbon footprints can have on the wider planet, investing in eco-friendly re-board POS displays is a great way to show that you and your team is on the right side of the argument, as well as showcasing your products in incredibly creative ways.

Find out more about the amazing commercial benefits of point of sale displays by contacting the Image Group’s design specialists today!


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