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Pop-up displays are an incredibly dynamic way to attract attention

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Pop up displays are one of the best and most dynamic ways to attract consumers’ attention in a world saturated by smartphones and mobile internet.

Through a multitude of online channels including various social media outlets, people are being advertised to more than ever, especially the millennial generation. Advertisers’ multi-channel presence and constant approach also means audiences are likely to switch off in general, making it harder for people to attract the attention of people who matter to them most.

To that end, we believe that creative pop up displays are one of the more eye-catching and agile ways to snare the attention of passers-by, especially at physical locations such as at stores, exhibitions and in many other situations.

We’re not the only ones. Pop up displays are going to be central to attracting Rolling Stones fans between 14 May to 3 June to a special temporary pop-up boutique appearing in Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street.

The displays will be showcasing some of Mick Jagger’s most iconic stage outfits, which will be key to drawing rock and roll enthusiasts to the store, where merchandise will also be available. The pop-up strategy is being used to complement other advertising methods ahead of the band’s upcoming No Filter tour.

Pop up displays are also a fantastic way to communicate information and simply advertise a brand as well as helping to improve a retail presence. That’s something that contemporary artist Nathan Preston from Great Dunmow has recently discovered, with his artwork featuring on displays at pop-up retail mall in London's Shoreditch this month.

Many think the best place to see art is at a museum or an art gallery. Also known as ‘Preston Paperboy’, Nathan’s works displayed in such a way and at such a venue has been key to helping him reach out to new audiences who may not necessarily visit a gallery or a museum, and with a combination of social media, the displays have helped him secure international orders.

While advertising yourself on the internet can be a profitable way to go, we feel you stand a better chance of having your brand and its mission statement stick in people’s minds if you diversify your approach away from the small screen.

The Image Group can help businesses in any industry of any size create stunning pop up displays designed to catch the attention of the people who matter to you most, whether out in public, at an exhibition or for any other professional need.


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