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Point of Sale Display as a Merchandising Tool

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Until as recently as the mid 1990's, the impact point of sale display stands can have on revenue was largely an unexplored segment of retail psychology. The niche of point of sale revolves around the customer being in a state of “ready to buy”, which is why most of our and display stands are sited along the length of the till queue and next to the till itself. You want to catch your captive audience whilst their minds are still open to conspicuous consumption.

In our opinion, awards for point of sale mastery have to go to high street retail gurus Primark and Paperchase. Point of sale display stands tend to focus on extras like pens, socks, lip balm, sticky notes, umbrellas and so on, and always steer clear of pricey items. You want your customers to feel like you've helped them out by putting cheap, useful little products around the till. Curiously enough, stores famed for their layout and innovation sometimes shy away from point of sale. A great example being IKEA; although an argument can easily made that the final hundred squarefoot area before the tills is just a giant point of sale tool!

Point of sale design may seem pretty straightforward, but we provide a full in-house design service because we know different. The dichotomy between a customer wanting something because they need it, and wanting something because you placed it in their path should be respected.

If you've visited us looking for banner stands, custom graphics or any of our other creative services, be sure to approach our point of sale display team too they work wonders!


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