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Plan your outdoor event branding now for success in 2019

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If you’ve tried event branding at any point in 2018 then you’ll know exactly how much planning and preparation goes into it to make it a success.

Whether you’re simply promoting your brand at an event or partnering with organisers as part of a wider sponsorship deal, there needs to be a huge amount of planning and preparation to make sure you get a great return on investment from having your brand associated with an event.

Whether that’s better advertising your brand, products or specific calls to action to generate leads, effective event branding needs to fit seamlessly into your wider advertising strategy.

The more time you have to plan, though, the better, which is why we feel it’s worth planning ahead now to create some seriously powerful, creative and effective event branding solutions for 2019 that really stick in people’s minds – especially those of your target audience.

For example, you may think it’s enough to just have a banner at the event that shows off your logo and contact details. There is so much more you could do though; consider experiential marketing, which is advertising designed to be more interactive and gets people involved to increase your chances of success.

That can be done by commissioning creative printed gazebos or even pop-up event bars. This can be especially useful if your business revolves around selling food and drink; instead of just having the odd banner here and there at an event advertising your brand, why not show people how special you are in 2019 by offering samples from a fully-branded on-site base?

Event branding can be so much more creative, and if you take the time now to strategise alongside a specialist creative partner with experience in the field, who has worked with smaller local and international brands, then it’s a strategy that could prove to be seriously fruitful for your wider business growth in 2019.

Even better, if you have some budget to spend, you can use a combination of different outdoor creative event advertising solutions to build a brand story and really give visitors a creative experience they can’t find anywhere else.

You’re competing against other brands and businesses on a daily basis. The better you strategise and the more creative and personable your marketing campaigns, the more likely you are to attract your target market.

Find out more about effective event marketing techniques by speaking to the Image Group’s creative team today!


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