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Picture roller blinds can be a great way to advertise during the summer

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Picture roller blinds can have a myriad of creative uses if you think of them more as a way to block out light or show a shop is closed.

Picture roller blinds do as the name suggests – they work like traditional roller blinds, but are designed in a way so they have a lot more personality and visual flair. They can be customised in a lot of creative ways – when it comes to designing custom picture roller blinds, you’re really only limited by your imagination.

The option to create and install custom picture roller blinds is a popular one with many brands. It’s a way for them to complement their messaging, create a stronger brand identity and, also, advertise the business in unique, exciting ways.

Blinds, generally, are a great way to block out light and reduce screen glare in offices at the height of summer. Depending on the material you use, too, they’re also a brilliant way to create new space to promote a message or play around with some quirky ideas.

Think of picture roller blinds more than as something that lives on windows as something to block out light. With the right approach, they’re more like a blank canvas for you to use, to promote your products and services and reach out to potential customers.

One simple way for them to be useful in a lead-generation way is for when the shop’s closed for the day. Your blinds, when down, could say something like ‘Sorry you missed us, here are our opening hours’ followed by a list of times the shop is open alongside some nice visuals of available products.

That could also be complemented by information and calls to action to direct them online, so they can learn more about the brand through different channels, even though the shop is closed.

Including a tagged QR code that takes people to the start of your sales funnel on your brand’s website is also a way to measure metrics, and see just how your picture blinds are pulling their weight and working for you when you’re closed.

Blinds could also include information such as email addresses and other contact details, to let people know there’s still a way to communicate with the team and the brand even when the shop is shut.

There is so much that can be done creatively with picture blinds. On the other side of the blinds, if they are down at the height of summer, they could be made to incorporate motivational quotes of portfolio pieces that the brand is proud of for employees inside the office to appreciate.

They could also contain fun pictures or some creative artwork. Why not go even further and invite them to contribute some imagery of their own, to make the office feel a bit more personal and show that your brand is one that takes their ideas on board and encourages them to be creative?

Find out more about the amazing marketing benefits of custom picture roller blinds by speaking to the Image Group today!


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