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Picture blinds are a great way to get creative with new office space

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Picture blinds made a fantastic cameo appearance in the semi-final of the hit BBC show, The Apprentice, recently.

It was everyone’s favourite part of the series; the dreaded interviews, where Lord Sugar’s trusted aides dish out a mauling to the hopeful candidates and go through their business plans with a fine-toothed comb.

In strode one of the contestants to see Claude Littner, sat at his table at one of the top floors in this high-rise complex in London, close to The Gherkin.

And, as the interview appeared to be held in the afternoon on a cloudless, sunny day, the picture blinds partly covered the windows behind Claude.

This is one of the things about blinds when it comes to the office. Some people believe that there are only two options when investing in blinds; having them up so it’s sunny, or bringing them down fully and making the office pitch-black.

It’s simply not true and, as shown on The Apprentice, picture blinds can be created from all sorts of custom materials and methods so that doesn’t happen.

Despite the blinds being partly drawn behind Claude, the room still felt cool and airy and bright because the blinds were made from a soft, light material designed not to shut out light.

And that’s the best part of working with a picture blinds specialist – they’re able to work closely with you to create blinds for any and every situation, that will enhance the feel of the workspace and wider office by playing with light filtration.

As life begins to get back to normal from the worst periods of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are also gladly making their way back to the office, to meet and work with colleagues and friends again.

Now may be time for you as a business owner or brand manager to enhance that workspace and get creative with the space available to you – especially with summer on the way.

Custom blinds can be created that reduce glare on people’s monitors when the suns at its highest point, and help contribute a cool, calm atmosphere that keeps the room bright without blocking out sunlight completely.

Custom blinds can also be created with any design you wish, allowing you to spruce up the office with some beautiful, contemporary designs whilst keeping your employees cool and happy.

Find out more about the awesome professional benefits of installing picture blinds by speaking to the Image Group today!


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