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Picture blinds are a great commercial solution, whatever the weather!

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It’s fair to say that picture blinds can offer you something more – especially in a visual, creative sense – than typical window blinds can.

It’s also fair to say that a lot of people’s window blinds will, we suspect, have been drawn a lot in the UK this summer thanks to the staggeringly warm weather we’ve enjoyed. It’s ironic; pray for the sun to come out and you can’t enjoy it properly because of work!

We say that from experience; on some days we’ve had to have the blinds closed because the sun has either been too blinding or to simply cool down because of the intensity of the heat.

If you’ve been in the same boat then you’ll understand that a company having its blinds drawn doesn’t make for inspired viewing from the outside when a passer-by walks past. It can give the impression of being closed for business; that’s where a set of picture blinds can come in handy, to convey the right messages to the right people at the right times.

Picture blinds are blinds in the conventional sense, yet they are carefully and creatively crafted to include sharp graphics and designs that help you express yourself in unique ways, whether you want to utilise them in a personal or professional sense.

At home, for instance, picture blinds can be created to feature family photos without compromising on quality, allowing you to see your loved ones whenever your blinds are closed. They could also feature inspiring messages, children’s artwork, your favourite actors and actresses and much more besides.

In a commercial sense as well, having a uniform brand message and identifiable visuals around your office or place of business with blinds can also go a long way to improving the overall atmosphere and aesthetics of your enterprise.

You could create blinds, for instance, with motivational messages and images of your employees’ greatest achievements on the inside to help inspire them whenever they’re drawn. The outside of your blinds can also be worked creatively; perhaps a restaurant could have contact details on the outside beyond open hours as a call to action to passers-by.

Whatever you wish to use them for, creatively-constructed blinds can be a striking visual accompaniment to any home or commercial enterprise, whatever message you wish to show the world. Find out more by contacting the Image Group today!


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