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Picture blinds are a fun way to show off creative content

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Picture blinds are a fixture of so many buildings across the country, both private and commercial.

But do they have to be so bland, though? A lot of picture blinds are simple plain colours or boring patterns.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Picture blinds can be so much more, especially if you work with a creative partner experienced in producing high-quality custom blinds.

The truth is that you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to picture blinds. If you have a specific vision for your home or office space, then the right partner will help you realise it with custom blinds.

Sticking with the word ‘custom’, and there’s a lot of scope for you to create blinds that feature custom content, whether it’s an original design or company branding.

People who are new parents, for instance, like to commission custom blinds with baby photos and drawings their toddlers have made for the nursery or the playroom.

Similarly, some like to commission custom blinds that have pictures of their wedding day for certain rooms around the home, or of their pets, or wider family.

Some people who have taken to working at home full-time, and have turned a room of their home into an office space, have been commissioning blinds to help the space look a bit more creative and professional.

Some have commissioned blinds with motivational phrases and pictures personal to them to give them an extra bit of drive, while others have just gone for more fun designs to contrast against their old office space.

Speaking of office spaces, custom blinds are very effective at brightening up a commercial area and adding colour for the benefit of the workforce.

Again, motivational quotes can be inspiring, as can portfolio images from team members and others. Awards, timelines, company history and more can also be great features on custom commercial blinds to spruce up the office.

Smaller brands and start-up businesses can also make great use of custom blinds to help draw in customers and make people aware of their existence.

For instance, window space. There’s a lot of practical space in windows that can be used for advertising purposes – especially when the shop has closed for the day.

Creative custom blinds that have product images, contact information, opening hours, web addresses and more are far more effective than an empty window.

Find out more about the amazing advertising benefits of custom picture blinds by speaking to the Image Group today!


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