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Photo roller blinds can add a creative touch in commercial and home environments

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Roller blinds can bring a classy, elegant look to any home space or business. Speaking to Architectural Digest in May 2017, Anna Cappelen of Curious Yellow Design gave her opinion on why roller blinds are such a popular option amongst the public.

“The best part about them is that you don’t need to customize their size to fit your window, because they come in any size you can imagine,” she says.

“Rollers also look really great pulled down, making them a good option if you live in a high-rise or on a block with no view. Sometimes we even put them in projects that don’t require window treatments, just so we can achieve a more stylized look. They’re equal parts decor and function.”

There are other ways to get the most out of your blinds for personal and professional purposes though through photo roller blinds. Photo roller blinds can do all the jobs of a traditional blind, but are also available with custom printed pictures to suit whichever purpose you’d like them to.

Photo roller blinds, for instance, are a great way to create a more personal touch within the home. Having blinds created with family pictures, photos of pets and more strategically placed throughout the home can be a wonderful way to liven It up, and can also be a way to declutter the home by having pictures on the blinds instead of throughout the house.

And why stop with family photos? It’s possible to produce photo roller blinds with your favourite piece of art on them to help find inspiration when they’re pulled down, If you’re a creative person then why not have roller blinds produced that feature your own original works to wow visitors when they call round to see you?

Similarly for business owners who want to inject a bit of creativity throughout the office. Custom roller blinds can be a great way to do it; why not have some team photos reproduced on roller blinds to build a stronger bond amongst the workforce, or portfolio items that the company is particularly proud of?

Having roller blinds produced with company branding, messages, images and more in the right ways can go a long way to creating a more positive company culture, letting workers and visitors alike get a stronger sense of what your enterprise is all about and why you do what you do.


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