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Outdoor event branding that catches the eye

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Branding is an essential part of owning a business. It may seem obvious, but it’s a necessity that often goes over the heads of many SME owners and others, especially when they’re exhibiting.

Branding doesn’t mean having numerous banners surrounding your event booth, display areas and more. Branding is more nuanced than that; investing your budget wisely into graphics that not only promote your brand but also include calls-to-action and messages that stick in people’s minds can help encourage them to become long-term brand advocates.

Not just internally, around your shop floor or within the office. Outdoor event branding can also be a crucial part of promoting brand awareness and letting your target audience know you exist. Especially at larger events; if you’re ambitious and want to reach out to a number of people at a large-scale charity event, festival, sporting event or other gatherings, the competition to grab people’s attention is incredibly fierce.

Having the right graphics and message printed properly on the right material is crucial, not just from an advertising perspective but a practical one, too. Outdoor event branding that’s made with weatherproof materials, for instance, can be used time and again for future events and save you having to commission new banners every time.

It doesn’t have to be a strategy to roll out only at events too, as Garmin proved back in 2016. The technology and GPS manufacturer created a campaign called ‘Beat Yesterday’ to try and promote its products amongst fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Their products, they said, could help athletes track their fitness levels, and produced a campaign with outdoor event branding through cities where its target market would exercise to help improve brand awareness.

Outdoor event branding doesn’t have to be as simple as a billboard or a banner, either. There are so many methods and materials that can be used to deliver a commercial message to people in the right ways at the right time. Banner stands, printed gazebos, mesh banners and more are just some of the ways to grab people’s attention in creative ways.

It can also be a great way to complement an experiential marketing campaign, too, to get people active and involved with your campaign. One of our favourite campaigns that we’ve previously worked on was when we helped construct mini golf courses for De Vere Hotels for instance; a fun and creative way to push a brand’s message as well as interacting with markets in a personal way.


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