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Outdoor Blizzard Stands

In order to combine good value for money advertising products and the ease of use and transportation of these marketing tools, blizzard banner stands are an ideal choice.

Although these banners, they are generally made from very durable and high quality materials such as a rugged plastic for the bases and durable PVC for the body of the banner.

At The Image Group we can supply a wide variety of outdoor blizzard stands to our customers. With a facility to be able to print from files, we can transpose any individual or bespoke artwork and graphics onto these banners with ease.

These outdoor blizzard stands and banners are a perfect mode of advertisement for any exhibition, point of sale or business conference. Available with an option of an additional carrying bag, these stands are extremely easy to transport and carry to various venues and on various modes of transport. These carry bags can also be used for more permanent storage when the banners are not in use, thus reducing the amount of cupboard or storeroom space needed to deposit these for safekeeping.

With a straightforward design aesthetic, the outdoor blizzard banner stand can be easily and quickly put together within a few minutes. This makes them an ideal method of advertisement for those on smaller budgets and who may have limited experience of assembling these types of apparatus.

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